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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers


Just cupcakes?

Oh so much more! 

Our soft and gooey cookies are baked fresh, from scratch every morning. We sell them individually in the shop for $3 each, a bag of three, or larger quantities. Flavors vary each day between classic chocolate chip, peanut butter chocolate chip, Reese’s Pieces, M&M, butterscotch coconut, oatmeal peanut butter chip, and more! The daily cookie selection will vary and cookies are available in store while supplies last. Check our Orders page for the current selection.

We also have the most delicious fruit and pie bars you could ask for. A selection of dessert bars are available in store daily.

Then, there are the homemade caramel apples – fresh Honey Crisp and Granny Smith Washington grown apples, hand-dipped in our homemade vanilla caramel and sprinkled with your choice of toppings. We have a wide selection available everyday and online orders are welcome. 

We've added edible cookie dough to our menu – why bake cookies when you can just eat the dough! Our edible eggless cookie dough is made from scratch daily with tempered flour. This cookie dough is not meant to be baked, as it consists of only tempered flour, salt, butter, brown sugar, sugar and vanilla. Our edible cookie dough comes in a variety of flavors like chocolate chip, Reese’s Pieces, M&M's, s’mores, peanut butter chip, mint Oreo fudge, white chocolate pretzel, animal cookie and butterscotch coconut. We will have a variety of edible dough in store daily, online orders are always welcome. 

Do you accommodate allergies?

We are happy to accommodate our customers with allergy sensitivities as much as possible. However, WE ARE NOT AN ALLERGEN FREE FACILITY and do not have allergy free designated baking areas or equipment. Our equipment and utensils are washed through a high-temp dishwasher and all standing equipment is steam cleaned at temperatures averaging 300 degrees. We will do our best to avoid cross contamination but we cannot guarantee even with our best intention that cross contamination will not occur. 

Peanuts/Tree Nuts: Our facility does contain nut products. For our peanut/nut allergy customers we will bake and frost your entire order, box it, seal it and store it in our cooler before we access any peanut or nut products for the remaining items on our menu. 

Egg Allergy: We do not offer egg free cupcakes at this time. 

Sugar Sensitivity: We do not offer sugar free products at this time. 

Gluten Free: We currently offer gluten free chocolate cake, by special order only. You may choose any chocolate cake based cupcake from our menu and request that in gluten free. The one dozen minimum special order requirements apply. 

Vegan: items in our shop are not vegan friendly.


Do you deliver?

We offer free local (Maple Valley and Black Diamond) delivery for orders over 6 dozen. Out of area delivery is available for a reasonable fee for orders over 10 dozen.

Delivery and set up of cupake displays are available for minimum charge – delivery charges will vary.


May I place a special order?

We were hoping you would ask! You can on our Orders page or by giving us a call at (360) 886-5184. 2 days advance notice is preferred for all orders and 7 days is required for orders over 10 dozen. Please do not consider your order confirmed until you have received confirmation that your order has been received. Online orders will be confirmed within 24 hours. If you did not receive confirmation, please call so we don’t have any mix-ups. For gluten free options, there is a 2 dozen minimum requirement. Please note the time is requested when you place an online order. Any orders not picked up by 5:45pm on the day they are due for pick up will become fair game for other customers to purchase, unless (of course) you have made prior arrangements with us. Please call the shop directly at with further questions. 

Special Order

What about my wedding or big event?

If this is your way of inviting us then YES, we'd love to come! We require at least 7 days notice for orders of 10 dozen or more.

We require a $100.00 non-refundable deposit to reserve the date. The deposit will go towards the final cost of your order. We are small cupcakery and are limited to the amount of weddings and events we will do on a single day. As such, we book up quickly and therefore recommend you reserve the date as early as possible. No tasting appointment is required; we provide a complimentary box of 6 cupcakes for you to enjoy.

We recommend waiting to decide on final cupcake count until your RSVPs have been received. Our general recommendation is 2 cupcakes per person. As we will bake fresh the morning of your event, we do not need final count or your flavor list until 10-14 days prior to your event.   

Please check out all of our tasty flavors, then contact the shop directly for details and to make arrangements. 


Only one size of Cupcake?

At Gracene's Cupcake Boutique, you'll see that we only offer one size cupcake on our menu and that's mini cupcakes. Why? After years of experience and tons of feedback, we have observed time and time again that guests love them. These three-bite sized morsels of deliciousness are the perfect amount of delectable dessert for those limiting their sweetness intake. And for those guests ready to endulge, they are the perfect size to eat more than one.  Our cupcakes create a buzz of excitement with any crowd and allow you to serve multiple flavor options so each guest can choose their favorite then venture outside of their comfort zone with one of our specialty creations. Our cupcake dessertscapes have been the highlight of many weddings, parties, family reunions and corporate events... Surely, it will be the highlight of yours!


Do you rent your beautiful stands?

We do not rent out our stands or display pieces.  Use of our stands is provided at no additional charge solely to our guests to showcase our cupcakes.  We look forward to working with you to design a presentation that will compliment your occasion and be the highlight of your event. 

*A fully-refundable damage deposit is required 48 hours prior to your event.  All stands and display pieces must be returned to Gracene's Cupcake Boutique, CLEANED, and in original condition within 48 hours of your event, at which time the damage deposit will be returned.


How does Gracene's connect with the community?

In 2012, shortly after the launch of Gracene's Cupcake Boutique, a beautiful and amazing little girl stole my heart.  At 8 years old, Amara passed away leaving behind a legacy of everything wonderful.  She was a bright and shining star, who battled her illness with a captivating smile on her face, and an eagerness to tell people about Jesus.   I teamed up with her little friends and together we raised funds, through cupcakes, to launch their foundation "Amara's Acts of Kindness".  And just like that...Cupcakes for a Cause was born.

Cupcakes for a Cause is the heart behind our business.  Owning a cupcake shop has provided a means to fundraise for families of sick children, which is my true calling in life.  I believe it is our responsibility as a community to wrap ourselves around these families facing a battle beyond comprehension that drains every part of their being.  In addition to the mental and emotional carnage, the parents of sick children often lose their jobs and homes, and are faced with piles of unpaid bills, drained savings, maxed out credit cards and ultimate financial destruction while battling for their child's life.   We cannot offer much, but as a community, we can provide financial peace.   

Cupcakes for a Cause is a fundraising event where a local family is chosen to receive the cupcake profits for the day.  Gracene's Cupcake Boutique partners with Footprints of Fight to select the families in need.       

Browse the calendar below for our next "Cupcakes For A Cause" event - I promise you'll leave the event not only with a box of fresh baked deliciousness, but with a full and happy heart.   

Gracene's Cupcake Boutique is proud to be an active member of our community and a supporter of the Tahoma School District and local elementary schools.  We are always happy to participate in local fundraisers and charitable events of any kind.  Stop in or call the shop for more details and to request our participation.  

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