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About Gracene

When asked the question how long have I been baking, the truth is I’ve been addicted to frosting for as long as I can remember. Having such an addiction has led to a long life of frequent baking. Although I must admit I sometimes eat just frosting. 


I often plan my day around what sweet treat I’m going to bake next, and truthfully, often consume the entire batch. I’ve spent the last several months experimenting with flavor combinations and gourmet ingredients in order to perfect moist, flavorful cakes and silky smooth buttercream. I am so excited to share these little bites of pure deliciousness with you all. There is just nothing like melt in your mouth cake topped with the perfect frosting. I absolutely love the reaction of others when they indulge in these extraordinary desserts and fall in love with cake all over again!



30800 3rd Ave, Black Diamond, WA 98010

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